Agenda Cleaning Services: Cleaning Website Design Project


At CW Marketing, we had the opportunity to work with Agenda Cleaning Services, a local business dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning solutions for both commercial and domestic properties.

Our goal was to create a compelling online presence for them, showcasing their services and establishing their brand in the local community. This project highlighted the importance of a robust cleaning website design to attract and engage potential clients effectively.

Cleaning Website Design: Project Scope and Challenges

Initially, Agenda Cleaning Services requested the upload of their old website, which had been offline for a considerable time. Upon attempting to upload, we discovered that their site had suffered from brute force and malware attacks, rendering it unusable. This situation underscored the necessity of a fresh start, leading us to design a brand new website from scratch.

Website Design and Development

The newly designed website was aimed at highlighting the various services offered by Agenda Cleaning Services and increasing their visibility within their local area. Here are the key elements of the website design:

  • Home Page: An inviting home page that immediately communicates the company’s values and services.
  • About Us Page: A detailed page about why potential customers should choose Agenda Cleaning Services for their cleaning requirements.
  • Contact Page: Easy-to-navigate contact information with a simple contact form for inquiries and a map to show their location.
  • Service Pages: Dedicated pages for each service provided, each optimised for local SEO to attract relevant search traffic.

SEO Implementation

Local SEO was meticulously implemented to ensure that the website ranks well in local search results. This included:

  • Keyword optimisation for “cleaning services” and related terms.
  • Inclusion of local keywords and phrases to attract local clientele.
  • Structured data markup to enhance search engine understanding of the content.
  • Fast loading times and mobile-friendly design to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

Lead Generation Focus

The website was designed with lead generation as a primary objective. Features such as clear call-to-action buttons, informative service descriptions, and easy-to-use contact forms were strategically placed to convert visitors into potential clients.

Conclusion: Cleaning Website Design

The project was a success, resulting in a user-friendly, visually appealing website that effectively highlights the services of Agenda Cleaning Services and enhances their online presence. By focusing on a comprehensive cleaning website design, we ensured that Agenda Cleaning Services can now connect more efficiently with their local community and expand their client base.

Cleaning Website Design Agenda Cleaning Services Website on a Desktop Computer
Cleaning Services Website Design Agenda Cleaning Services Website on a Laptop Computer
Cleaning Website Design Agenda Cleaning Services Website on a Mobile Phone