Transform Your Online Presence

In a digital world, a poorly designed website can drive potential customers away. Let us craft a website that captivates your audience and drives results.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Struggling to engage your local audience on social platforms? Our social media content services can turn your followers into loyal customers.

Dominate Local Search Results

Is your business struggling to appear in local search results? Our tailored SEO strategies will help you get found when potential customers are looking for services like yours.

Maximise Your Google Presence

Don’t let an incomplete or poorly managed Google Business Profile hurt your visibility. We’ll ensure you stand out and attract more local customers.

Our Approach.

At CW Marketing, we take a comprehensive approach to Marketing For Local Businesses, focusing on delivering high-quality, customisable solutions that meet the specific needs of each and every one of our clients. We work closely with local businesses to understand their unique challenges and goals, and develop tailored strategies that get them noticed within their local community.

Our Mission.

Our mission at CW Marketing is simple: help local businesses & sole traders succeed in today’s digital landscape by providing top-quality marketing services for their small business. We believe that every business, no matter how small, deserves access to quality marketing & digital services that can help them grow and flourish. We work tirelessly to deliver the best possible results for our clients, day in & day out

Who We Are.

We are passionate about helping small businesses thrive. Our experience of developing effective marketing strategies, designing beautiful websites, and creating engaging content, resonates with our clients’ target audiences. Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to helping small businesses build a strong online presence. Top-notch Marketing for Local Businesses & Sole Traders.

Our Approach to Marketing for Local Businesses

Your Success is Our Sole Focus.

We support small businesses like yours on their journey to online success. We combine local insights with digital expertise to help your business flourish.

Our goal is to provide local businesses, sole traders and tradespeople, with the services and support they need to thrive online in their local community. Whether you’re a new business looking to establish a web presence, or an established business seeking to expand your reach, CW Marketing specialises in marketing for local businesses and have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


What Our Marketing For Local Businesses Includes

WordPress Website Design

When it comes to website design, we believe that one size does not fit all. Whether you’re a small boutique, a local cafe or a local service provider, we’ll design a website that not only looks stunning but is also optimised for maximum functionality. We understand that your online presence is the digital face of your business, and our goal is to ensure it leaves a lasting and positive impression.

Social Media Content Creation and Posting Services

Designed to empower small businesses and sole traders with engaging, hassle-free social media management. We craft high-quality, audience-specific content and maintain a regular posting schedule, ensuring your brand remains active and appealing. With our expertise, your social media presence thrives while you focus on your business.

Google Business Profile Services

Your Google Business Profile is often the first place potential customers look when they search for local services. We specialise in setting up and optimising Google Business Profiles to ensure your business stands out. Using compelling visuals, strategic descriptions, and engaging Google Business Posts, we work to make sure your business stands out on Google Maps and local search results.

Local SEO Services: Get Noticed in Local Search Results

Local businesses often face challenges in achieving visibility in online search results. We boost your local visibility by understanding local search dynamics and tailor strategies to optimise your website and content. When potential customers search for services like yours, your website appears in local results, attracting nearby customers.


Comprehensive marketing for local businesses, sole traders & TRADESPEOPLE – our services

Our primary aim is to stand by small businesses like yours on their path to getting noticed online. With our range of services tailored to your business, we bring together local insights and digital know-how to help your business thrive within your local community.

WordPress Website Design

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Social Media Content & Posting Services

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Local SEO Services

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Google Business Profile

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All-in-One Local Brand Building

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WordPress Maintenance

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Let Us Help You

Your Local Business Needs Help

If you’re a local business owner, you’re likely aware of the increasing challenges in attracting more clients. The current landscape makes outranking your competition tougher, but we’re here to assist. Our local marketing services are designed to bring in more customers, while our tailored marketing services for local businesses and sole traders aim to establish a robust online presence—a critical element in today’s business environment. Whether you’re seeking to establish your internet presence or enhance awareness and traffic to your existing website, we’ve got solutions to help you stand out!


At CW Marketing, we specialise in marketing for local businesses

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